Questions About Insurance Research Services

What is a Policy Limits Trace?

A Policy Limits Trace requires that you provide the name of the Insurer and a Policy or Claim Number. A Policy Limits Trace seeks to identify the policy limits of the policy number specified on the Request Form as they were on the date of loss provided. Please note that a Policy Limits Trace does not determine whether a policy was in effect on a specific date of loss, nor does it verify whether a particular vehicle or specific property was insured under the policy. If the limits of the policy that you have requested are successfully identified, you will be invoiced even if the policy was not in effect on the date of loss that you provided and/or didn’t cover a specific loss regardless of the reason.

What is a Policy Existence Trace?

A Policy Existence Trace seeks to identify a policy of the type you specify, effective on the date of loss provided and covering the defendant entity/individual listed on your Request Form. A successful Policy Existence Trace will provide the Insurer's Name, Address and Phone Number to you.

What is a Policy Number Trace?

A Policy Number Trace is an “add-on” service which seeks to identify the policy number for a policy that you know to be in effect for a target defendant with a specific insurance company. Please note that the results of a Policy Number Trace do not include Policy Limits or Policy Existence.

How many attorneys do you provide this service to?

Currently, we supply our service to thousands of plaintiff lawyers across the country.

Is this service available on any defendant nationwide?

Yes. We also have the ability to research foreign and international policies. Additional fees apply.

How do your services work in a situation wherein I have a case for which the injury did not occur on a specific date, but rather over a “period of time”, say for 6 months or 2 years, etc.?

In the exact same fashion as a standard Policy Limits or Existence search where there is one specific date of loss. A separate “Period of Loss” flat fee (see Fee Schedule) will apply. Additionally, as more than one policy may have been written covering the time frame in question, you will be billed for each policy we identify.

How do I submit a request?

Complete our standard Request For Tracing Policy Information Form, which you can download from this web site, or e-mail/call us and we will send you a copy. Then simply email or fax the Request Form to our office.

My case is somewhat complicated and your standard Request Form will not suffice. What do you suggest?

Please provide a memorandum to accompany the Request Form, along with any other useful material that will help explain the underlying circumstances of your research request.

What is your average turnaround time?

If we are provided all necessary information to commence our research, the average turnaround time is 15 -20 business days.

If I select Rush Service can you promise to complete your research within a specific timeframe?

We promise to put your case ahead of all other non-rush cases and work on it as expeditiously as possible. However, it is no more feasible for us to promise a specific date to complete our research than it is for you to advise your client the exact date his/her claim will be settled.

Do you offer discounts for volume requests?